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Track Saw System

With the Wolverine Track Saw System, contractors can take on extra wall sawing jobs and achieve the same productivity, safety and finished job quality for just a small fraction of the cost. This system can run a 16”, 20”, 24” or 30” Wolverine handsaw, standard or flushcut, allowing up to 12”deep cutting. The steel track is durable, extendable and easy to set up. The system includes a 5’ and a 7’ section of track, 6 track brackets, the heavy duty track saw carriage, Wolverine handsaw quick connect brackets and the track connector bracket. Handsaws are sold separately.

Features and benefits include:

  • Powder-coated steel track is lightweight, very strong and can be set up easily
  • Heavy duty carriage holds the saw securely
  • Gear-driven system can be run with hand crank, speed wrench or hand drill
  • Quick disconnect system allows saw to be mounted in seconds
  • System is expandable; additional track can be purchased
  • Cut more safely & easily – eliminate fatigue and risk of kickback
  • System allows for fast cutting and perfectly straight cuts
  • Track mounting will increase blade life by up to 50%
  • This affordable system optimizes productivity and versatility of existing Wolverine handsaw and power pack
  • Adapter allows quick changing between saw sizes



Track System Includes: 7’ track, 5’ track, 6 track brackets, heavy duty saw carriage, handsaw quick connect brackets, track connector bracket


Part # Size/Description
WT-Trackpkg Handsaw/Wall saw Package
WT-BRK Track Mounting Bracket
WT-SQW Square Washer
WT-MKHS Mounting Kit for Handsaw
WT-Track5 5’ Section of Track
WT-Track7 7’ Section of Track
WT-Connectorplate Track Connector Plate