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Accessories and Parts

Wolverine offers a full range of handsaw accessories and parts. The WDG-20 hydraulic handsaw depth-cut attachment shown here is used to quickly adjust cutting depth. Please call us for more information about other Wolverine parts and accessories.


Part # Size/Description
WDG-20 Depth Cut Attachment for 20” Wolverine Handsaws
WDG-24 Depth Cut Attachment for 24” Wolverine Handsaws
H2100 Right-hand Collar Assembly
A018 Left-hand Collar Assembly
A015 Right-hand Collar Back
A019 Left-hand Collar Back
A031 Right-hand Collar Nut
A032 Left-hand Collar Nut
H126 Gold Shaft Seals
HYSKG Gold Seal Rebuild Kit
H1002 Screw ¼-20 Flat head socket
H1004 Screw ¼-28 Flat head socket
H1006 Cone Washer Kit (includes two screws)